Friday, 18 May 2012

COMIC: Fashion Club Adventures

Made this really quickly, now back to work D:


  1. hey
    i'm so a fan!
    i love your sim work and creations
    i was searching for daria's house layout 1 day and i found your blog and since i am a fan, lol

  2. This all just glorious. It's like I've hit the jackpot finding this site! Fantastic work. I wish I could insert an animated smiley doing that bowing down thing.

    Check this out, I made a Sick, Sad World compilation!!

  3. Also, at the risk of being way too excited about all this Daria stuff, if you check out this tutorial (, it will show you how to put your own videos in TS3 as have your sims watch them on TV. My Sick, Sad World compilations would be perfect for this!!