Sunday, 11 March 2012

New Sims coming soon!

I have been working on a couple of projects for some new sims coming out, I just won't have time to upload them anytime soon with all this Uni work... But hopefully I can upload them before the end of this month. Now for a hint...

This blog name pretty much gives away my next project, so I will leave you with these last parting words:

Creativity to me is just like a.... bird, like a friendly bird that embraces all ideas... and shoots out of its eyes all kinds of beauty".


  1. Hi! I love your Sims and I can't wait to see what's in store. :D

    I have a request though for whenever you have time. I really don't want to put my Daria Sims in any old house, but at the same time, I suck at building. I think I saw the Morgendorffer home in the background in one of your screenshots/pictures.

    Do you think you'd be willing to upload that and the Lane house as well? I'd really appreciate it!

  2. Oh yeah sure, I have actually made them already. I just totally forgot all about them. They both might require some EP's and the Lane house has a little bit of CC because of their messy lifestyle :P

  3. *Same Anon here*

    Yay, that's wonderful! I have all EP's (except Showtime, but I'm getting that soon) and CC is completely fine with me. :)

    Could you also recommend a neighborhood that's most like Lawndale?

  4. Oh goodie, and I struggled to find one that would be a possible Lawndale, I was even thinking of making one but I don't have the time at the moment or any great reference pictures O_O. So I just put mine in the world 'Glendalough' and populated it with all these sims I've uploaded and a few other random sims I downloaded and it filled up pretty fast. And the town has this really kind of tired and worn down look to it that i felt matched Lawndale, I have no idea why xD

  5. *Same Anon here*

    Yeah, I was looking around for a very suburban custom neighborhood, with maybe a small downtown, city-ish part to it. I think that'd fit Lawndale best, but surprisingly, I couldn't find one like that. Most of them are either islands, too rural or too mountainy and beachy. I'll check out that one, though!

    Whenever you can upload the homes would be lovely. I appreciate it a lot! <3

  6. Don't mean to bother you, but you there? D:

  7. Gah, sorry. University work has consumed my sim's life, but I will be sure to have the houses up by tomorrow or thursday for sure.

  8. *Same Anon*

    Oh, no! Don't apologize. I was just excited is all. Sorry to hear you're swamped with so much work, though. I've got friends who're in college and they say it's horrible xD

    Especially around this time of year with exams and all.

  9. I'm so sorry, right when i thought I had time to upload the houses, my uni lecturer hit me with another assignment which took countless days and nights with very little sleep
    (YAY STOP MOTION.....>__>)

    but I will DEFINATELY have them by tomorrow/tomorrow night